We are very grateful to the “International Rett syndrome Foundation”, the first charitable parent organization of Rett syndrome and who has always given their help and support to help our Indian Rett families and they have been our strength which has supported us to form this organization. Warm and special thanks to International Rett syndrome foundation and Rett Syndrome Research Trust as the scientific contents of this website are based on the information present and provided by these organisations. We wish that this support will help us and our families to grow and fulfil our endeavours in future.

Visit the homepage of these organisations to read more about Rett syndrome.

International Rett syndrome foundation

Rett Syndrome Research Trust

International Rett syndrome foundation:

Rett Syndrome Research Trust:

Rehabilitation council of India:

National Policy for Disable person:

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National institute of neurological disorders and stroke:

worldwide Clinical Trials on Rett syndrome:

Worldwide education and awareness of movement disorders